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EroticFiction is a site that was built by a guy whose original name was “Beating Off Bob”. This site is full of great sex stories that were created by that man, and they are all pretty great. If you have ever been to a site like this one, you probably know the gist. Anyway, let’s get onto this review and see if you are going to be the newest fan of Bob.

What I Love

The first thing that I love about EroticFiction is that there are TONS of stories on the site. This guy has obviously had a lot of time on his hands, to have created all of the content on this site. The site has over 1,000 stories that he created. I mean, that is more than enough content to provide me getting off material for a year or more!

The second thing that I love about this site is that the material is all well-written. If you have ever been to one of these sites before, you may have noticed that the material on these types of sites is usually not the best around. That’s because the authors have not had a chance to perfect their writing styles. This guy has been writing for years now, and you can certainly tell by the way he writes!

The third thing that I love about this site is that there is a lot of variety that you will fall in love with. This site pretty much has everything for any type of kink out there that is dirty. That means that if you have had a secret fantasy that you have always want to live, this is the place to read about it in. There are niches covered like incest, pregnancy, etc. Of course, these plots are always different. There are romance novels, mysteries, funny, action/adventure, etc.

What I Don’t Love

The only thing that I don’t love about EroticFiction is that not all of the books are free. You have to pay for some of the better publications that he has. However, the site is FULL of great free content.

Final Thoughts

EroticFiction is a site where you can get off to some pretty great porn stories. The stories have a lot of niches being covered like incest and pregnancy. The plots are anything from romance to mystery to funny to adventure. All in all, for a site publishing free stories (and some paid), this is a great place to go!

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