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Now heres an old site that is still doing well for itself. It’s called Forumophilia and it started in 2005. Many people have completely forgotten what a forum is these days. They’re like old school message boards, and they gave birth to what is now the modern social network. is a forum focused on porn. Every month they get more than 5 million visitors. They ae proud of having done so well, and show it off with a homepage banner that reads ’13 years online’. So, how has Forumophilia survived this long, after almost every other forum has died out or lost popularity?


Forumophilia has a simple and attractive design. It’s layout is basically the same as every other forum, and it’s color scheme is an easy on the eyes light blue. It has dark text that contrast with the background to give great readibility, and each section has distinct borders. While it isn’t anywhere near fancy, it looks a lot better than many free porn tube sites.

The list of topics show on the homepage includes VIP and Rules, Teen Babes Fan Club, Popular Models/Pornstars, Entertainment Videos Megathread, Full Movies, Entertainment Photos, VIP and Chat, and finally, Archive. These are simply the broad section named, and each has at least 5 subsections. The Mega thread has over ten. Forumophilia has something for every kind of taste, from softer stuff to some hardcore bondage.

If you mouseover each thread you can see a small preview of the thread’s contents. Each thread has a rules sticky that need to be followed if your going to post. In order to post, you will need an account. The account is free, by the way. Some sections won’t let you post until you have had your account for a certain amount of time.

You can download files that you like, but they are usually hosted somewhere else. Most of the time it’s that is hosting the files.

Another great thing about Forumophila is that there are no ads.without issue.


Downloads don’t happen on Forumophilia. Most of the time they are hosted on File Joker, which can be quite slow to download from unless you pay for a premium membership.

The site may not appeal to everybody, especially those who didn’t use forums a lot during their prime. To a millenial or someone younger, it may seem old fashioned.


Forumophilia is a free porn focused forum without any ads that has a great community, active people who are always posting, and tons of great content. There isn’t much to hate about it, except maybe that the whole forum-thing isn’t really that popular outside of tech support areas these days, but I love it. It’s all about personal taste. If the site had a more popular, modern appearance it would just be a porn social network.

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