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XXXDating aims to be a platform similar to the concept of AdultFriendFinder. The concept is quite simple: Find somebody that your interested, and set up a time to meet and get freaky. The concept is pretty solid. If you are looking for some no-strings-attached good times, why not search around in a place filled with other people also looking for the same thing?

Let’s pretend we live in a perfect world. Sites like this would be filled with horny, attractive women looking to find a great, hung guy like yourself so that they can get their brains banged out of them. I mean that sexually, of course. I am pretty sure that this is one of those sites where you go when you want a hook up, not a serial killer.
So, as a site made not for finding serial killers but instead for getting laid, what’s it like? You don’t have to go there yourself to find out, I did it for you. Trust me, I took a bullet for you on this one.


I’m trying to write enough to make this review a decent review, but it’s gonna be pretty hard because my pros section is pretty bare with this site. Hmmm, let me try to come up with some positives about this site. It’s gonna be a stretch, so why not embrace it and go all out crazy trying to find something positive.

Positive one: The site costs money for the admins to keep up. So, therefore, it is moving a little bit of money around and keeping the economy afloat. Told you, I’m stretching here.

Oh, here’s a pretty decent positive. You can see pictures of attractive people. That’s pretty cool.

Oh, and another positive! If you are just itching to get your cyber sex on with a perverted, creepy guy pretending to be a female, oh man have you got it made. This place would be like a dreamland to you.

My last positive: As far as I know, this site is in no way affiliated with any Dragon Hunters, and they haven’t contributed significantly to the extinction of unicorns.


Now for the realistic stuff. The cons. I don’t see myself as a negative person, but this xxxdating site had me feeling all negative. There is just so much to hate. First, let me educate you a little bit about this kind of site.

Cold hard fact number one: Women don’t use this crap. At least, not the women that I hope you are looking for. Real women, I mean the GOOD women, they use REAL methods to meet guys. They do that because they aren’t ugly, fat slobs who don’t stand a chance. They are attractive, so they can literally get it anywhere. Let’s face it, us guys are easy. Sure, there are going to be a few women on these sites, but most of those are going to nasty things nobody but the most desperate want to touch.

This site is filled with fake female profiles, captained by either some creepy guy getting his rocks of on some backwards gender play, or by some guy trying to make money by sending you somewhere else, like a cam show or some other dating site.

This site is literally worthless. It’s not really the site owners fault, it’s just the category of site. All of these kinds of sites are just plain junk.


If you want to waste your time, get scammed, cyber sex with dudes (trust me, that hot chick that just got you off with her super sexy chat was a dude!) or just generally get absolutely nowhere, then behold! XXXDating!

However, if what you are looking for is a platform that exists to connect people looking for casual sex with no strings attached, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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