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Perfect Match

Perfect Match
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Perfect Match

Some people are very busy in their careers and don’t have a lot of time to find a relationship. wants to make that easier for people. An oddly named person, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, created the Duet Total Compatibility System the site uses to make perfect matches. The site claims to have enabled people to find their perfect matches.


While there is only one plan to choose from, you can choose how often you pay. Your payments can be set to automatically renew every month, every three months and every six months. The longer your plan the more you save. You can do a little bit without paying, such as viewing your matches, however to contact them you will need to sign up for a membership.

Users who signed up for the 6 month payment plan get upgraded to Perfect Matches Platinum. Your profile will display this as well, and it will give any member the ability to talk with you no matter what membership plan they have. They also offer a guarantee that with the three month plan you will find at least 6 perfectly matched people and with the 6 month plan, eight. If you don’t, they will give you a free two month extension.


The payment plans feel a bit heafty, and I don’t really like paying such high prices up front. Also, I don’t like automatic renewals, especially for a site where the goal is (supposedly) to cause you to no longer need their service. One month costs $59.95, three months cost $36.95 per month and six months cost $33.33 per month, however these are all builed in one payment. So those prices actually look like this: $59.95, $110.85, $199.95.

They don’t even get their math right. Six months at $33.33 would be $199.98. So you save some money there, I guess. But still, why not just use actual math?

I highly doubt their matching system, and their guarantee sounds just plain retarded. This is a big world, and people vary so greatly that it seems foolish to guarantee a certain number of ‘perfect’ matches to everyone.

Especially since all they need to do to avoid handing out 3 free months is to place some ‘perfect’ matches. A lot of sites do that.


Perfect Match doesn’t have a lot of members, and the female membership far outweighs the male members. That’s mostly because men go to hookup sites to find casual sex while women go to these dating sites looking for a long term relationship with lasting love and affection. The prices are outrageous in my opinion. This type of service is something that I would pay $10 a month for, tops. That being said, it does have some pretty genuine people and if you are a guy looking for an actual relationship, you will have plenty of options on Perfect Match. That’s not to say women won’t have any luck, just that there are less men that women. So if you are a woman, hope your ready to get competitive, because it’s a different kind of man trying to find a relationship on Perfect Match than the type of man trying to find one on Adult Friend Finder.

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