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Get It On

Get It On
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Get It On

What do you get when you mix an online hook up site with a dating site? Get It On! This site is like a hookup/dating hybrid. Most hookup sites just provide a container of horny guys and (ideally) women looking to hook up. The site actually uses matchmaking technology like a dating site would, hoping to increase your chances of finding a compatible sexual partner. They match users by their interests and sexual preferences. Users will take a brief survey asking them about their sexual preferences, as well as questions about the traits they want in others.


The whole matchmaking idea is pretty cool, and it’s not something that I see done on many other hook up sites. The matches all seem pretty accurate, though there is a lot of room for variation. This is especially true because of how widely varied many of our sexual tastes can be.

Get It On has a super advanced search function that has some in depth filters to help you narrow down your search. You can find more than just a guy or girl, you can find the type of guy or girl you are looking for. In fact, Get It On guarantees you will get laid in three months.


First, let’s talk about that guarantee. It is impossible. You cannot guarantee that everybody will get laid in three months. Seriously. I am going to be super honest with you about this site’s member base. There is a lot of ugly. There is a lot of unmarketable. It’s like a lamp store that sells mostly broken, shattered lamps. You cannot tell me that these ugly people are gonna get laid in three months. Half of those ugly people don’t even look like they could left their foot off of the ground.

Secondly, there is no mobile app dedicated to just Get It On. Which kind of sucks because with its cool name, an awesome looking app could make it so much better. It would get all the younger generation on to it, which would really help to rack up the attractiveness of the member base.

It also doesn’t have very many features. You can view your matches and poke around on people’s profiles, but that is pretty much it. Nothing super special.


Get It On isn’t that bad. I doubt your gonna get laid off of this site, but you might get some cyber sex, and you might, just maybe find some cool people to talk to. It is gonna be hit or miss. Just remember, that all the good looking people who aren’t messed up in the head are going out into the real world to find people to boink, so remember what your getting into when you head to this site.

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