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AdultFriendFinder is a site that aims to provide a place for adults to find friends. Or is it a place to find adult friends? Or maybe a place to find somebody to screw?

Yeah, its the screwing. It’s always the screwing. Adult Friend Finder is an online hookup site that is almost like a dating site, except it’s isn’t meant for dating. Dating and sex are apparently two different concepts. Who knew?

It’s all about the dirty. The nasty. The sex. That is the only thing AdultFriendFinder is for. It isn’t for finding another dude to hang out with and watch the game. Unless you’re into dudes. If that is your thing, why not just skip the game. This isn’t a dating site, after all. It is a hookup site.

So, is it worth anything? I pointed my browers to and pressed ENTER. Then I made an account, and embarked on my quest to find a decent hookup near me. Here is what I learned.


AdultFriendFinder has the whole ‘social network’ vibe going on. It has many social features such as friend requests, on site messaging and emailing, as well as the ability to send virtual gifts.

Remember all the fun you had poking people on Facebook? Adult Friend Finder has a similar feature, named Flirt. It’s like poking, but it is called flirting. You don’t even need game to flirt on this site! You just press a button! How freaking awesome is that?

Anyway, back to being serious. They have a Hot or Not game where you are shown people at random (you can pick if you want to see guys or girls) and then either click Hot, or click Not. It’s up to you.

You can also watch videos that other users have uploaded. Unlike Facebook however, that cute little cat video isn’t work or family friendly. It’s not even a cat. It’s a pussy. Well, to be honest most of the time its gonna be a dick. Not even an impressive one, just some random, hairy cock being stroked while it’s owner waits for his friends on World of Warcraft to hop online for the crossplay orgy.

You can start a blog, and you might even get some people to read it. When you get sick of blogging about how horny and sexually starved you are, you can watch some of the users live broadcasts (cams). There are chat rooms for every type of situation: Married couples who are so bored that the husband goes online to Adult Friend Finder to spice things up and see how many other dudes wanna pork his wife, lesbians, gays… you name it.


You know how when you are on some shady movie streaming site like Putlocker.FTW and you see those ads telling you that super hot girls are waiting for your sweet, sweet loving in hordes just outside your bedroom window? Yeah, you know the ones. “Hot girls near you wanna bang!” and all that.

Imagine taking the essence of one of those ads, and creating an entire website based around just that. That’s what it’s like. The site itself just screams “Avoid me!”at the top of its lungs.

If you were to ask me what my first impression was when I went to this site, my answer would be “Too much dick!”. If having a thousand penises smacking you in the face repeatedly isn’t something you would be into, don’t visit this site. It’s just dick pic, dick pic, maybe a dick pic but I honestly can’t tell, and all sorts of odd variations of those.

The ads are crazy, and they pop up every time you do anything at all. It’s all just… really freaking terrible.


I am an honest person, and I am a realist. I don’t need to tell you, “Oh, this site is great so go sign up” so that I can make some money. So I feel nothing bad about what I am about to say:Stay away from adult friend finder and any other hook up site. Perhaps one day I will come across one that isn’t a horror fest of what appears to be highly neglected, possibly mangled dick pics… If that happens, you know I will let you know.

AdultFriendFinder has some wonderful positives… But the negatives make them totally void.

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